Newsflash (2014-09-25)

Newsflash (2014-09-25)

18 September 2014

15 outreaches were done on the farms Waboomskraal, Nolshoogte & Meul River. 818 people were exposed to the gospel, with 238 indicating they have received Jesus as personal Savior and Lord.

Evangelistic Outreach Uniondale

During August (3rd – 14th), I joined 2 other guys for an evangelistic outreach on 3 farms in Uniondale area.

15 outreaches were done on the farms Waboomskraal, Nolshoogte & Meul River.  818 people were exposed to the gospel, with 238 indicating they have received Jesus as personal Savior and Lord.

Among others, we made use of the film JESUS, as from the Gospel of Luke.

The target groups were Colored- and Xhosa people, with 4 outreaches per group.  During these outreaches we concentrated mainly on 4 aspects:  Evangelism (how to receive Jesus as Savior and Lord), Assurance of Salvation (how to be sure that you are a child of God), Spiritual Breathing (the confession of sins), and the Fatherheart of God.  It is amazing to see how the new converts grow increasingly in understanding and Spiritual knowledge as the evenings continue!

We did separate presentations in Afrikaans and Xhosa.  Attendees were mostly adults, as the children are in school residences at the larger towns.

At one farm the farmer was the first person who raised his hand, indicating that he invited Jesus Christ as personal Savior in his life!  Praise God for this!

Every night soup or hotdogs were served to the attendees.  Each person was also given an Every Home for Christ booklet, which covers the basic principles of follow-up towards new believers.  This was gladly received.

Pray with us that the seeds planted will grow to full strength and that the Holy Spirit will work in each persons heart towards renewal and victory.

A follow-up outreach to each target area was done two weeks later in order to assure that the new converts clearly understood the concepts.

Farm workers arrive with excitement and high expectations

Each person receives Every Home for Christ literature to take home

Hennie initiated and organised the outreach in Uniondale area

Children are singing during a JESUS-film presentation at school

Henlo operates the computer and sound system

Pieter teaches on Gods Love and Forgiveness

Old Age Home

At a retirement home in Kleinmond, I showed the film Crossroads to a group of elders.  The main theme was about forgiveness.

One woman, who declares herself an atheist, commented afterwards: This was fantastic!

JESUS Film Training & Outreach

During the weekend of 12-14th  September I had the opportunity to train 15 people in the Jesus Film strategy, as a tool in Mass Evangelism.  The training took place in Durbanville.  It all went very well.  As practical application of the training, we showed the film on Saturday evening in Makhaza, near Cape Town.\ During the duration of the film we had to compete against the noise of a nearby sjebien (drinking place).  We really did some serious intercession because of that.  Gradually the noise at the sjebien decreased.  People even came over to attend the JESUS-film show.\ In total, 160 people attended, of which 31 adults and 56 children came forward to receive Jesus as Savior and Lord!

Our prayer for you

We pray the Lords blessing, grace, protection and growth over you and your family.  Thank you for your support  -  whether it is prayer & intercession, finances, or both.  Without that we will be too weak to carry on with this ministry.  Our success is your success!!


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