TIHM Ministry Update (2013-05-07)

TIHM Ministry Update (2013-05-07)

05 February 2013

In retrospection on 2012, we can testify that the Lord was good to us and He used us and our ministry in the lives of many people. It is a privilege to serve the Lord through TIHM (There is Hope Ministries). We stand humble before Him.

In retrospection on 2012, we can testify that the Lord was good to us and He used us and our ministry in the lives of many people.  It is a privilege to serve the Lord through TIHM (There is Hope Ministries).\ We stand humble before Him.

We pray the Lords blessing, grace, protection and growth over you and your family. 

Thank you for your support  -  whether it is prayer & intercession, finances, or both.  Without that we will be too weak to carry on with this ministry.  Our success is your success!!

Pieters Ministry:

  • Wellness on Farms

The farm workers strike surely has a negative impact, also on the farm Glenbrae near Grabouw, where Pieter did a lot of work till the end of 2012  -  Wellness sessions to address the need of the workers, as well as leadership sessions with the producer and his team of leaders.

  • Web Page

Personally we are happy to see an average of 8 visitors daily (30 page views), who visit our web page, www.hope365.co.za

  • SMS & NewsFlash

In total, 22 509 messages of hope were send out by Pieter during 2012!  The feedback he receives every time is a testimony that each message is prayed over and inspired by the Holy Spirit.  People testify it is spot-on for their specific need at that specific time in their lives!  Praise God!

Magdaleens Ministry:

  • Online E-Mentoring

Thank you so much for your response, mostly for the prayer.  I needed that the most and I appreciate it to the bottom of my heart and I believe there was a reason God wanted me to make contact with you.  I will work through the links you have sent me.\ Thanks once again for the prayer – words will never explain how much I needed it.  Regards,  L

This is only one of many testimonies from a mentee with whom Magdaleen corresponded. \ From all over South Africa, as well as from all over the world, we are receiving contacts from web pages.  The anonymity of the internet opens the door to incredibly personal ministry – you will be amazed by the honesty and openness that is possible in online communities.  Online mentoring is a way to share the love of Christ one-on-one through email.  Within 24-48 hours we reach out to people by coming alongside them and encourages them by (a) praying for them and providing resources, and (b) sharing the next step in their spiritual journey.\ EVANGELISM  (Jesus as Saviour!),  FOLLOW-UP (Adventure of Christianity!), SPIRITUAL GROWTH  (Live as conqueror!)\ As mentor, Magdaleen provides resources, share hope and give spiritual direction to the person she ministers to.  The whole interaction takes place through email, which provides endless possibilities for reaching thousands of people all over the world on any schedule.\ The Internet presents a fantastic opportunity for ministry, and we receive regular testimonies of changed lives!!

Community Leader in TruthMedia Mentor Center (TMC)\ Magdaleen oversees several SA e-mentors through regular contact, help, input, etc.   Incoming South African requests received by http://powertochange.com/truthmedia/ ,  http://powertochange.com/ and http://www.everystudent.com/ on their global web pages, are channeled to Magdaleen, who reassign it to the group of trained e-mentors.  (8 active at this stage!)

In total, about 1 000 people were mentored to by Magdaleen and the team of SA e-mentors during 2012!

Are you interested to become an e-mentor?  http://truthmedia.com/training/mentoring

If you want the NEW THING that God has for you, you have to let go of the OLD.\ First CRUCIFIXION, then RESURRECTION.   (Hugo Van Niekerk, facebook friend)


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