Prayer Letter-February 2021

Prayer Letter-February 2021

On April 5, 2020, the Jesus-Film was shown on TBN (channel 343) to 560,000 people in SA, and about 19,000,000 in the rest of Africa viewed it.


Feedback on the work of the Jesus-Film:

On April 5, 2020, the Jesus-Film was shown on TBN (channel 343) to 560,000 people in SA, and about 19,000,000 in the rest of Africa viewed it. Praise the Lord !!!

Interesting facts about the Jesus-Film ministry around the world:

  • It has been in existence for 42 years now
  • Translated into 1802 languages
  • Seen by 8.1 billion people
  • 572 million choices for Christ
  • 80 people view it every minute of every day

Good news: - This film has now also been posted on my website under the Evangelism section. Three different films, in all South African languages:

Watch the Jesus-Film


Please pray with us for ± 15,000 learners at 22 schools where we have witnessed in the last two years. These learners prayed that Jesus would take control of their lives. At many of the schools I was also able to go back for a 2nd time to talk about the “Secret of the Christian Life”, Spiritual Breathing (Confession of Sin), and the learners could apply it practically, right there in the school hall, each on his own. At several schools I had to deliver the message over the intercom system, with BIG success and victory for Jesus Christ.


What excites me especially is the fact that lockdown time gave me the opportunity to expand the Labour Ministry in particular. Every month there were at least 100 exposures to the Gospel because of it. Among these multi-racial workers, there are a large percentage who would otherwise never see the inside of a church. Your participation in our team, even if it’s just a prayer, is enough to help spread the Good News. People’s lives change for the better forever, thank you very much!


We are thankful for the Lord’s provision in our lives. Regular financial, and/or prayer donations in our ministry carry us through. Among other things, this has helped us to bring the message effectively in the Western Cape over the last 12+ years.

During October and November 2020 we were able to reach 13 target areas in Villiersdorp, Caledon & Kaaimansgat, Heksrivier Vallei and Mooiuitsig with the Jesus-Film. At least 7 schools also heard the message during that time. In total, almost 3,000 people were exposed to the Good News of Jesus Christ.


We are obedient to go and do the work while others carry us through finances and prayer. Together we are a team to carry out the GREAT COMMISSION. (Matt 28: 18-20)


That the Lord will protect you like the apple of His eye, just as He protected His people in the wilderness. I pray that, according to Isaiah 54:10, the Lord will let His love last over you forever. For the mountains may move and the hills disappear, but even then His faithful love for you will remain.


Pieter & Magdaleen Brits



foto 1

The whole school at Elandsrivier gathered outside under the trees and actively responded to Pieter’s presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

foto 2

Small community of Mooiuitsig listen intently.

foto 3

The whole school listened and responded enthusiastically when Pieter gave a message of hope over the school’s intercom.

foto 4

Adhering to Covid19 requirements, pupils at a school in Villiersdorp positively respond to Pieter’s invitation to receive Jesus as their Saviour and Lord.


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